The Miami-based Indie Funk band, previously known as The Robby Hunter Band, has been widely acclaimed internationally since the debut of their first LP in 2013. The Hype Machine-topper "Corazón" alongside ”Hard On Me" and "BUST,” gave them their initial success with audiences. In July of 2015, Magic City Hippies released the Hippie Castle EP, and the lead-off track "Fanfare" that hit number one on Spotify's Global Viral Top 50 and has over 2.7 million streams to date.

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Brika's music shows a categorical refusal to be boxed into any one genre or movement and it is characterized by simple, cryptic lyricism and minimalist production. Voice Memos, her first album released in Dec 2014, made waves across the Internet; it topped Hype Machine’s Popular Chart seven times and was featured on Spotify’s New Music Tuesday Playlist and iTunes’ Must Listen To List, all while receiving critical acclaim for its polished production, smooth vocals, and interesting mesh of electronic and organic elements. After a year of writing, Brika is back with a groovy, funky original album entitled "You."

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The Nashville native is surely soon to be on everyone’s favorites list. His new single, “Frustrated” was featured on Spotify New Music Friday,Chilled R&B, Alternative R&B and the largest R&B playlist on Spotify.With more than 3 million stream of his new song,R.LUM.R is the face of Spotify Alternative R&B play list and is becoming a musical phenomena.